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Lin Binyu’s criteria would appear pretty straightforward as Chinese singles ads go, except that he’s on the prowl not for himself, but for his son. And he’s looking not in the newspaper or online, but at the local park, where every Sunday he can meet hundreds of other parents just as anxious to find spouses for wayward children who somehow made it to their mids without getting married. In China’s thriving big cities, young adults on the modern career track are getting married later and later, and these parents in Beijing aren’t putting up with it anymore – whether the children like it or not. The matchmaking is traditional Chinese society’s answer to the complications of the modern world, and it’s fitting that it should take place in a city park, where urban China’s retiring set seek daily refuge from the traffic and congestion of cities they would not recognize from their youth. On any of four days each week, parents go to one of three Beijing parks to play matchmaker, and the numbers are growing now that Chinese media outlets have spotlighted the months-old practice. The weekly Sunday gathering at Zhongshan is probably the largest, with close to 1, parents mingling on a recent Sunday afternoon. A number of parents are clearly hardened veterans, sitting with their thermoses of tea and waiting for all comers, often with computer printouts laid out in front of them detailing their children’s attributes.

China’s parent-approved dating game

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The Yongle Emperor established Yan as a secondary capital and renamed it Beijing, constructed the Forbidden City, and restored the Grand Canal and the.

It is pm yet, there is already a line jostling to look at prospective dates. The surge in interest has irritated regulars. They’re afraid of people selling that information. Zhu and his daughter are among the few in attendance willing to talk openly about the matchmaking corner. Provided by the world of Chinese. But Ms Zhu believes that some are simply embarrassed about being seen. They’re a little self-conscious. Situated in the northernmost section of the park, up against the year-old moat encircling the Forbidden City, the Zhongshan marriage market feels like an open secret.

Scores of people sit guardedly at the curb, beside handwritten CVs advertising their or their absent children’s age, income, family assets, education and employment history in a puzzling intersection of prudence and imprudence. Make eye contact and they’ll stand with an expectant smile – “Are you looking?

Hutong Karma

Even Chinese parents find matchmaking corners embarrassing, though a “necessary evil”. Zhu, adds. It is p. The surge in interest has irritated regulars.

Must-see sights – Mutianyu Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terracotta Army, Giant Pandas; Have a once in a life chance to get close to the incredibly cute treasure -​.

February 7, by ahrcinternational Leave a comment. In May of a small delegation of archaeologists from the renowned Department of Archaeology at Durham University travelled to Beijing in order to begin a new collaboration with the staff of the prestigious Archaeology Institute of the Palace Museum. The Durham and Palace Museum team discussing the stratigraphy of the excavations.

One major focus of the project is to compare excavation technology and methodology. Modern archaeological excavation is a complex, highly scientific operation that demands a broad range of skills and expertise from its practitioners. A good understanding of sediments, stratigraphy, construction techniques and post-depositional processes are essential, and exhaustive on-site documentation is needed in order to establish a coherent record for each site.

Equally important is the ability for teams to work closely together, sharing information and expertise to hone their skills even as they dig. By working together in the Courtyard of Benevolent Tranquility , a part of the palace reserved for empresses, empress dowagers and highly-ranked concubines, both sides were able to compare excavation techniques and to learn from one another while also making sure that the evidence produced by each team is compatible and comparable.

Ming dynasty

Beijing, the capital city of China, famous for housing many traditional and vibrant national treasures. The city received an effective rejuvenation for conducting the Olympics and now is praised for its improved infrastructure. There is so much to see and explore this fascinating city that guarantees vastly improved safety for tourists, especially women and children.

The Forbidden City located in the centre of Beijing, covering an area of 72 We might see dancers, musicians, martial artists, even parents matchmaking their.

A T hree Day Beijing Itinerary might not seem like much, but you still have plenty of time to see the sights! China is a fascinating place to travel, even if it feels a little uncomfortable the first time you visit. Prepare yourself for some culture shock! We all came back with nasty sore throats due to the air quality, so keep that in mind when planning your trip.

We were able to secure a fabulous tour guide for less than what it would have cost us to be shuffled around in a group of 50 travelers! Observe the local elders in the gardens leading to the temple. Head inside the museums and read about the fascinating history of this site. Our guide forgot to tell us this, and all three of us just happened to be carrying them with us that day so we could still get in.

Grab an Audio guide available in 40 languages ; they are cheap and reliable!

A park for Mrs Bennet

But his days and nights were growing lonely, and he decided it was time to find Ms. Zhao, a fixture at one of the dozens of senior singles scenes popping up in public parks around China. So far, he admits, the pickings have been slim. Zhao, a widower since , in a lament familiar to frustrated singles no matter their age.

The Imperial City (Beijing) is a location in Mulan. serves as the capital of China and is the location of the Emperor’s Palace, also known as the Forbidden City.

My alley, which has no official name, begins in the west, passes through three ninety-degree turns, and exits to the south. On a map, the shape is distinctive: it looks a little like a question mark, or perhaps half of a Buddhist swastika. The alley is also distinctive because it belongs to one of the few surviving sections of old Beijing.

The capital, like most Chinese cities nowadays, has been changing fast—the biggest local map publisher updates its diagrams every three months, to keep pace with development. But the layout of my neighborhood has remained more or less the same for centuries. The first detailed map of Beijing was completed in , under the reign of the great Qing emperor Qianlong, and on that document my alley follows the same route it does today.

Xu Pingfang, a Beijing archeologist, has told me that my street may very well date to the fourteenth century, when many sections of the city were originally laid out, under the Yuan dynasty. These structures stand behind walls of gray brick, and often a visitor to old Beijing is impressed by the sense of division: wall after wall, gray brick upon gray brick. But a hutong neighborhood is most distinguished by connections and movement.

Chinese look for love on ‘Singles Day’

By Ben Blanchard. But he’s not turning to the Internet or using a traditional matchmaker. Instead, he goes most Thursdays and Sundays to a park nestled in the shadows of Beijing’s Forbidden City, carrying a printed sheet of paper listing his daughter’s details such as her age, height, education and job prospects. A man looks at a photograph of a possible partner for his son during a matchmaking meeting in a park in Beijing August 20,

Even Chinese parents find matchmaking corners embarrassing, though who regularly attends Beijing’s Zhongshan Park matchmaking corner with moat encircling the Forbidden City, the Zhongshan marriage market feels.

Today was our first full day in Beijing and we got to see the major sites. Here is how Disney described the day. For nearly five centuries, this labyrinth of gilded palaces, pavilions, lakes and gardens served as the political and cutural center for ancient dynasties and the modern Chinese republic. We started our day having breakfast at the hotel. This buffet was much more modern than the Peninsula, with its open-kitchen.

This made it a bit more challenging to know what the options were, particularly since none of the food had labels. That being said, I did enjoy the chicken tenders and the watermelon juice. We met our guides in the lobby and they handed us rechargable portable fans.

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Eager parents of single men and ladies write their children’s information on a piece of paper n place infront of them on the floor and those who are keen can make enquiries direct and thereafter arrange for their children to meet up! Direct photos are not allowed only general overview. Whole park is abuzz and so lively in this corner! Nice interior nd exterior view. Simply impressed by the workmanship of the past. Enjoy walking round and round the temple.

Fri, Oct 4: Optional Beijing Pre-Cruise Package Arrivals w/ Group Transfer to Hotel. Sat, Oct 5: Tianamen Square, Forbidden City, Beijing Hutong and Temple of.

In Beijing, a public park is a prominent hub for seniors seeking new life partners. The river that runs through the park is the Jinshui River from Tiananmen Square. The park, only meters feet long, is Changpu River Park. The small park is quiet, sheltered from the bustling Tiananmen Road which requires an underpass for pedestrians to cross by a large, red wall.

The majority of those who frequent the park are in their 60s and 70s, although there are outliers on either end, including those well into their 80s. In my trips to the park, I encountered a good number of divorcees, as well as widows and widowers. There are also those whose partners are chronically ill or debilitated. Others still, a minority within this minority, are those who have never married.

China is facing an unprecedented aging population. In , those aged 60 and above numbered million, or The dating scene at Changpu River Park takes this a step further. On a noisy January Saturday, a man in a dark gray peacoat stood apart from the crowd, on the edge of a concrete plaza, dangerously close to the river. He was the only person wearing such a coat—rather than the brightly colored plumages of cotton-padded mian ao and down-lined yurong fu in the biting cold of northern China.

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